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Birmingham Legion FC

The journey to the USL started on two different, yet converging, paths.  One began in the spring of 2015, with a group of local businessmen who aspired to bring the highest level of professional soccer to Birmingham. The other is the grassroots story of the Birmingham Hammers, founded in 2013 over a couple of beers. The Birmingham Hammers have been playing amateur soccer since 2015, and the passionate grassroots organization set out to pave the way for professional soccer to come to our city. The groups have joined forces to bring resources and grassroots efforts together.  

The USL is a professional soccer league with 33 teams in the US and Canada, playing at the Division II level, one division below Major League Soccer. Five expansion teams, including Legion, will be added to the league by 2021. 
The first season for Birmingham Legion FC in the USL will begin in the Spring of 2019.  In the interim, we will present the last season of the Birmingham Hammers, playing in the USL Premier Development League (PDL), in the summer of 2018. 
Birmingham has a long history of turning out for big time soccer events.  We will soon have our very own team and cannot wait to have the beautiful game in OUR CITY, Birmingham.
Ticket deposits for the 2019 USL season, as well as tickets for the 2018 PDL season, are now available. To support Birmingham Legion FC and purchase tickets click here.

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